consumer directed care

Union Encourages Abandonment of Disabled and Elderly

SEIU and I agree on one thing: good personal care attendants (also known as home health aides) deserve higher wages. We even agree on one method to bring this about — consumer-directed care. In fact, some years ago, SEIU asked me to lobby the General Assembly with them in support of expanding consumer-directed care in Indiana. Without home health care agencies reaping the majority of the approximate $25/hr Medicaid reimbursement rate (of which the best aides receive about $9/hr), the State can afford higher wages and save on overall costs.

But lately SEIU has been stabbing disabled allies in the back. First came the push to eliminate FLSA’s companionship exemption. Now SEIU is encouraging attendants to strike in support of those fast food workers seeking $15/hr wages. Great; abandoning the disabled and elderly to look afters those who are loony by choice…